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SCARLET FINCH | Anaerobic Natural | Yunnan | 200g

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First batch will be roasted on Tuesday the 7th September, 2021

We roast every Tuesday, for any order placed before 10am every Tuesday will be dispatched on Wednesday.

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 2021 China Barista Champion Selection
First ever coffee from Yunnan that has been used in Barista Championships. 


Origin: Baoshan, Yunnan, China
Farm: Voiceless • Red Dragon
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Varietal: Catimor
Producer: Yihan Wang
Altitudes: 1650 – 1750 masl

Tasting notes: Chocolate milkshake | lychee | chocolate liqueur | candied pineapple | Red currant

Impress in One Sip 

The coffee that takes you to the amazing flavour journey.
Tastes like chocolate milkshake and tropical fruitiness when it pairs with milk. 
As filter, winey aroma, rich and round sweetness will remind you of chocolate liqueur and lychee.

Voiceless Red Dragon Processing Station 

Voiceless Red Dragon Processing Station located in the range of Gaoligong Mountain in western Yunnan Plateau. The highest altitudes can reach 1887 masl.

Yihan Wang took over this farm four years ago and transformed it into producing specialty coffee. He has been working with farmers from nearby villages and buying ripe cherries from them with higher-than-market prices.

Only the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries were used to process this coffee. After picked and float-sorted, cherries were sealed and fermented in tanks at 22ºc, and slow-dried for 30 days.

The Historical Victory

In 2021 China Barista Championship, Scarlet Finch was selected by Wei Pan as his Milk-based Beverage coffee and Signature Beverage coffee and won the championship.
This is the first time ever that coffee from Yunnan was chosen to be competition coffee for Barista Champion, especially in the Barista Championship where most of the coffee were high-priced and from famous producers around the world.