Connect Coffee Origin in Yunnan to Coffee Scene in Australia


Four Kilo Fish has been sourcing and importing coffee independently from Yunnan, China since 2018. 

Sourcing, importing, roasting, and brewing, we are working hard to get involved in as much as we can along the supply chain.


Working closely with farmers, producers and researchers in Yunnan allows us to have greater insights on what is happening on the land, we call our hometown.

We are devoted to the quality of our products. Our in-house Q-Grader will ensure everything is kept on track and only the products that pass our quality assessments are presented to our customers.

We hope to create a bridge connecting Australian coffee consumers, enthusiasts and professionals to Yunnan’s unique coffee origins. As well as generating a space in Australia where top quality coffee from Yunnan is available.


If you have any enquiry regarding our green beans, roasted beans, please get in touch via or send us message on Instagram @fourkilofish