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GEISHA | ZUO YUAN | YUNNAN_CHINA | Anaerobic Washed | FILTER | 100g

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Roasting Day: Every Tuesday
Believe in the power of nature. 
Believe in the joint creation of mountains, water and people.
It is time to return to the original beauty of Yunnan.
Proudly presenting
Anaerobic Washed Geisha
Directly sourced from Zuo Yuan, Baoshan, Yunnan, China. 
Origin: Baoshan, Yunnan, China
Processing Station: Zuo Yuan
Altitudes: 1400 – 1600 masl
Producer: Qizuo Fan
Varietal: Geisha
Processing: Anaerobic Washed
Tasting Notes: Osmanthus, White Peony Tea, Pear, Longan, Peach
Clean, light and fragrant with sweet fruity notes and long-lasting after taste. 


In Yunnan, mountains are what we rely on and what we will recall as the background colour of our memories.
Water from the mountains, particularly, is the foundation of life and the foundation for coffee farmers and producers to transform coffee cherries to tradable coffee beans.
Washed process is the most basic method of processing coffee in Yunnan. The abundance of water in the mountains makes it a preferred processing method of local producers. It is a method more accessible locally and can be easily learned by every household in coffee origin. 

About Zuo Yuan and Brother Fan

“Fan is the best expert at washed process in the entire coffee region of Yunnan.”

People always say that no one can beat Fan on processing washed coffee, even with the same batch of cherries. His coffee is always sweeter and cleaner. 
Washed process itself is indeed a big challenge, as being a method that preserves more of the original flavour of the beans, it in fact sets a higher standard for the fermentation.
Fan is one of the first group of producers who devoted themselves to specialty coffee, but he never stops learning and innovating.

He is also a man with great insight and vision. It was not too hard to foresee when he sowed the first batch of Geisha seeds to Yunnan, and became the first producer who achieved the mass production of Geisha varietal in Yunnan. 

About the Geisha of Yunnan

It has been seven years now since Fan planted the first seeds of Geisha in Yunnan. And he has climbed to this hill thousands of times in the three years since the Geisha began to produce in quantity. 

As the plants grow year by year with the nourishment from the mountains and the water, we can now expect more sweetness and richness accumulated to the coffee.