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The upcoming roasting day will be 21st of November

Coffee will be dispatched on 22nd or 23rd of November


Processing: Traditional Natural
Varietal: Geisha
Producer: Qizuo Fan
Origin: Baoshan, Yunnan, China
Altitudes: 1650 – 1750 masl
Tastes like: Rose | Purple Grapes | Apricots | Mandarin Marmalade
What does our roaster say about this coffee:
"Absolutely amazing coffee even compared to the same varietal from other origins in the world. Very pronounced aromas and every sip is a delight!" 
This is the third year we work with Fan Qizuo, the owner of one of the best coffee farms in Yunnan - Zuo Yuan, to bring the finest varietal of coffee - Geisha from Yunnan to Australia.
We have proudly witnessed these Geisha coffee trees that were planted nine years ago thriving, absorbing the generosity of this amazing land of Yunnan, and the hopeful care provided by those hardworking people who nurture them.

This year of 2023, Brother Fan's Geisha Experimental Field once again surprises us.
With increasingly sophisticated cultivation and processing techniques, more adequate equipments, enriched experience, and unwavering determination, Fan's coffee has taken another significant leap forward in terms of quality, flavour, and presentation.

Cup of Excellence judges and Q-Graders from various countries have awarded this coffee a score of over 90, marking the first Yunnan coffee bean we know of to surpass 90 points under the SCA and COE rating system.
Fan applied the most traditional and primitive natural processing for this Geisha. Carefully hand-picked, completely ripe coffee cherries were directly spread out on drying beds and left to dry in the sun before being milled. “The simplest, most primitive method is already enough to showcase the beauty of this coffee”, said Fan.
In this coffee, you'll find delicate floral and fruity aromas, a juicy grape-like taste, and a sweet, lingering finish reminiscent of orange marmalade and apricot.
*Please note that this coffee is sold as WHOLE BEANS only. Grinding service is unavailable for this coffee. Sorry for any inconvenience*