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AUTUMN AMBER | Washed Catimor | Qiu Po Estate, Lin Cang, Yunnan, China | Filter | 200g

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Autumn Amber

From the winning farm of Best of Yunnan 2021, 2022, and 2023.
A coffee brings a smooth, clean and sweet mouthfeel and soft fruity tones with long-lasting, tea-like and pleasant aftertaste. 

Processing: Washed
Varietal: Catimor
Farm: Qiu Po Estate
Region: Yun County, Lin Cang, Yunnan, China
Altitutes: 1600masl
Producer: Sai Min 
Tasting Notes: Black tea | pear | berries | panela sugar
What did our roaster say about this coffee:
"This is a very sweet and clean Catimor from Yunnan. You can definitely tell the high level of processing the producer achieved from cupping this coffee. It is literally one of the best representations for the level of development of specialty coffee industry in Yunnan! Our team is very excited about this coffee!"
Qiu Po Estate owns four processing stations in Lin Cang region, the highest altitudes of the farm can reach 1700masl. Autumn Amber is grown and processed in one of the stations in Yun County, the northern side of Lin Cang region.
The farm won the First Place two times in Best of Yunnan 2021 (Washed Category), 2022 (All Category), and the third place in Best of Yunnan 2023 (Non-washed Category).
After carefully selected and picked completely ripe cherries, the producer slightly rested the cherries for a short period of time, then de-pulped them the cherries and store them in tanks for the next dry fermentation. The pH and sugar levels were closely monitored during the fermentation.