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ZUO YUAN | Double Washed Typica | YUNNAN | 200g

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Grind Size

Espresso Roast

Baoshan, Yunnan, China

Processing Station
Zuo Yuan Coffee Estate

Qizuo Fan


Double Washed

1400 - 1600 masl

Tasting Notes
Orange Blossom | Pear | Dried Mandarin Peel
Bringing complex and sweet citrusy with clean mouthfeel to the cup

Brewing Suggestions
ESPRESSO: 22g in | 40g out | 92.5ºc 

Typica was one of the first coffee varietals introduced to Yunnan. Local farmers and producers call it 老品种, which literally translated as "The old varietal". It is a relatively low yield varietal but produces a cup of complex, sweet and clean coffee.

There are very few of farmers still grow Typica due to its low yield (compare with the most common varietal in Yunnan - Catimor) and high susceptibility to coffee leaf rust. Fan and his Zuo Yuan Coffee Estate has been carefully looking after several acre of Typica trees for couple of years.

Coffee cherries of this lot were anaerobically fermented before de-pulping, then soaked in water for another round of fermentation.