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PRE-ORDER | NEW CROP | Geisha | Yunnan, China | Anaerobic Natural | 100g

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Four Kilo Fish EXCLUSIVE

The Premier of the season 2021

Four Kilo Fish proudly presents the first coffee of the year -- The crown of the coffee varietal Geisha growing in the uprising world of coffee: Yunnan, China 
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Producer: Qizuo Fan
Farm: Zuo Yuan
Origin: Baoshan, Yunnan, China
Altitudes: 1400 - 1600masl
Weight: 100g
Tasting notes: Melon, white grape, rose syrup. 
Complex sweetness, fruitiness with delicate fragrance and long-lasting, pleasant aftertaste. 
Roast profile: Filter roast
This coffee can only be sold as WHOLE BEANS, Grinding service is unavailable for this coffee. We would STRONGLY recommend grinding before brewing to maximise the aroma and flavour of this coffee. 
Fan has been a coffee producer in Yunnan since late 1980s, starting from a time where coffee was a commodity and sold only as washed processed within the C-market. Back then, there was little appreciation for specialty grade coffee with hardly anyone seeing its potential.
But, Fan saw something else entirely. In wanting to improve the quality of his coffee and to find people who would also enjoy them, he invested his time into this area.
By working with scientists, experts and experienced oversea producers, Fan has devoted himself to improving the quality of his coffee and making them taste better. 
Mamoru Taguchi, his old friend, always visits Baoshan and Fan's farm every time when he visit China. 
This is Fan's second year of harvesting Geisha. Five years ago when he cultivated the first batch of the seeds he had no idea how those coffee can become. 
Being something unusually heard of in Yunnan, Fan is one of the first producers of high quality Geisha varietal and finding any cultivators prior to him with his level of experience is rare. It’s safe to say, that Fan is one of the first Geisha producers in the Chinese coffee industry.
Geisha is a coffee varietal that is very hard to take care of. It is a very fragile varietal with relatively weak root system. The unit yield of Geisha is far lower than the other varietals of coffee, which makes this coffee very scarce. 
Last year in 2020, first several bags of geisha coffee from Fan's processing station have been packed and sold in domestic market in China, and it was a hit. Everyone was surprised - delicate flavour, decent sweetness, complex fragrance and long-lasting mouthfeel. 
2021 is the second year of Fan's Geisha harvest. We are lucky to be able to work with one of the best producers in Yunnan and present the best of the best coffee to all of you here in Australia. 
We are the same curious to see how Yunnan can nurture this world's most famous varietal and what the terrior of Yunnan will bring into Geisha. It is unique, not only does it present to you the flavour that come from the nature, but also does it reflect the culture and customs of Yunnan from the perspective of coffee.