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MOUNTAIN SPIRITS | Xin Gang Estate | Extended Fermentation Natural| YUNNAN | 200g | FILTER

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BEST OF YUNNAN Green Bean Competition 2021 • TOP 12

The coffee that is inspired by traditional red rice wine from Wa community in Yunnan
Origin: Menglian, Yunnan, China
Farm: Xin Gang Coffee and Tea Estate
Varietal: Catimor
Processing: Extended Fermentation Natural
Altitudes: 1600masl
Roasting Profile: Filter
Flavour notes
Guava | Dragon Fruits | Cacao Nibs | Sake
Elegant, fragrant winey aroma. Bright acidity comes along with lingering sweetness. Tropical fruitiness adds another layer of flavour to the coffee which brings up the complexity. Boozy but not wild. 


Wa people is one of the local ethnic groups live in Menglian. They are friendly, hospitable, and love dancing and singing. Taking out the reserved home-brewed rice wine is one of the best ways to welcome their guests.

Mei, the Head Producer of Xin Gang, took the inspiration of processing this coffee from Wa's traditional red rice wine. After float sorted, fresh coffee cherries were sealed in tanks and fermented in low-temperature environment for three weeks, then dried on raised beds until it reaches ideal moist contents.
About the Farm
Mei makes efforts in promoting coffee from Menglian County from every aspects. Working closely with coffee professionals from other parts of supply chain, actively participating in events and exhibitions help her get the most updated coffee information and knowledge from outside of mountains.

In Best of Yunnan 2021, Mei and her Xin Gang won the 1st place in Natural lots and in total brought back 8 out of 24 awards.